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Five Star Wealth Manager Award

Bill Saplicki is a recipient of the
Wealth Manager Award
including 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023

Now entering its ninth year, the Five Star Wealth Manager program is the largest and most widely published wealth manager award program in North America, covering more than 40 major markets. The list of Five Star Wealth Managers for the Dallas / Fort Worth area is listed annually in Texas Monthly Magazine – July edition. The award can also be viewed on

Five Star Professional, a third-party research firm, conducts market-specific research to identify professionals who provide quality services to their clients. Wealth managers are defined as licensed individuals who help their clients prepare a financial plan and/or implement aspects of their financial plan.

The nomination and pre-qualification process is designed to identify the broadest possible population of high quality award candidates in order to ensure that eventual award winners have been drawn from a large and diverse pool. Award candidates are identified by one of three sources; firm nomination, peer nomination or pre-qualification. Pre-qualified award candidates are identified based on data and nominations it may have received from various industry firms and individuals in the surrounding area of the candidate. Self-nominations were not accepted and candidates do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list. Award candidates were evaluated against objective eligibility and evaluation criteria including, but not limited to:

  1. Credentialed as an investment adviser representative.
  2. Actively employed as a credentialed professional in the financial services industry for a minimum of five years.
  3. Favorable regulatory and complaint history review:
    1. has not been subject to a regulatory action that resulted in a license being suspended or revoked, or payment of a fine.
    2. has no more than three settled or pending customer complaints filed against them (excluding dismissed complaints) with any regulatory authority or through Five Star Professional’s consumer complaint process.
    3. has not individually contributed to a financial settlement of a customer complaint.
    4. never filed for personal bankruptcy.
    5. never been convicted of a felony.
  4. Accepting new clients.

The inclusion of a candidate on the final list should be not construed as an endorsement of the candidate by Five Star Professional or any other organization. Each year, Five Star Professional finalizes the list award recipients to be no more than 7 percent of the eligible candidates in the advisor’s area. The Five Star award is not indicative of the advisor’s future investment success and may not be representative of any one client’s experience. Further, there is no guarantee that the selected advisor will be awarded this recognition by Five Star in the future. For more information on the Five Star award and the research/selection methodology, go to

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