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Financial Planning for Doctors

Personal solutions for Doctors and their families

LS Wealth Strategies offers financial planning programs designed exclusively for doctors. Our team works with strategic partners who design and manage our integrated platform.

We employ a conservative approach committed to avoiding unwarranted risk, maximize allowable deductions and protect income and savings from unexpected life events. We work with outside specialists to help ensure that all aspects of your practice are included in the analysis.

LS Wealth Strategies understands doctors’ unique earning, spending and savings patterns across different specialties and age groups, and uses that knowledge to design integrated financial plans that are intended to help pursue your goals efficiently. We work hard to mitigate threats to your assets and possible exposure to frivolous creditors. Our team helps doctors recognize the tax implications of their entire portfolio and select the most effective pension and business structures.

What sets us apart is our experience, intellectual property, and focus. We believe that integrated financial planning delivered through an experienced Advisor maximizes your ability to reap the rewards your hard work has earned you.